Clermont Garden Club

Non-Profit Gardening Community Organization


Project Details

Client: Clermont Garden Club
Industry: Non-Profit, Community
Technology: WordPress, Web Design

Project Feature

The free web hosting provider that the Clermont Garden Club used for their web site was eliminating all their free accounts and attempting to move them to a paid plan. The problem with the paid plan is that it didn’t add much value to their hosting experience. The interface was confusing, outdated and did not offer much in the way of customization.The Garden Club needed a forum in which to post news and updates to its members, encourage new members to register and also to advertise their room rental space.

Project Description

We built a WordPress site to meet their needs.Since they are a non-profit member organization, the rental and membership chairmen change periodically. Therefore we decided that it would be advantageous to create club email addresses that can be forwarded to their respective chairman and board members.

We created a free Google Apps account for the Club and activated the email and calendar features. The Apps email feature allows us to create an email address for every chairperson and easily forward those emails to the proper people. When each position comes up for re-election/appointment, it is an easy change to forward those accounts to the new office-holders.

The Google Apps Calendar also allows the Club to post events and meetings on an easy to read and update calendar.



We developed this site in WordPress. WordPress offers many advantages over standard HTML-based websites, including:

  • Content is easily added to the site in the form of posts and pages.
  • An online editor is included and no programming or HTML knowledge is required.
  • WordPress is SEO friendly. Appropriate meta tags and descriptions are added to the site automatically and major search engines are notified when new content is added.
  • Thousands of plugins are available in order to extend its functionality.
  • The style of the site can be changed to fit changing needs without a complete re-engineering of the site.
  • WordPress is a secure platform that has controls in place to prevent unauthorized access.
  • Additional features can be added such as video content and interactive web forms.

SecuriHostThis site is hosted and managed on the SecuriHost Non-Profit WordPress plan.  This allows the site be regularly updated with security patches and is monitored for suspicious activity.  Site backups are also maintained.



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